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Assault is the general term for any type of physical or verbal attack on another person.  There are various types of assault, ranging from misdemeanor to felony crimes.  But even if you are only facing misdemeanor assault charges, you are still wise to seek out the legal help of a Miami criminal lawyer.

Our Miami criminal lawyers take on assault cases with varying degrees of violence.  We have successfully represented clients accused of:

It is important to contact a Miami criminal attorney at the earliest point possible in any type of violent criminal case.  It is not uncommon for offenders to find themselves facing felony charges if a victim ends up in the hospital or police discover damning evidence.

Don’t give up! A good Miami criminal lawyer knows that nothing is so cut and dry, and that there is always a good defense for your case. We conduct our own investigations, carefully inspecting evidence to uncover critical flaws in the prosecution’s case. On many occasions, our expert work has led to cases being dismissed before the trial even begins.

The sooner you start defending yourself, the better the outlook for your case will be. Contact us to schedule a free consultation with a top Miami criminal lawyer today.